среда, 26 февраля 2014 г.

Interview with fan-club White Angels (FC Zagreb)

Tell us about your city of Zagreb. What football traditions in your

Zagreb is a capital of Croatia, and the biggest city with 700,000 people living in it, and around a million with the surroundings.

- What football traditions in your city?

- First football clubs in Croatia are organized from 1903. First was PNIŠK (predecessor of todays FC Zagreb), and second was HAŠK (predecessor of todays Dinamo).

- Tell about history your club.

- History of all Croatian clubs are very complicated. First PNIŠK were very soon shut, then other clubs named Zagreb existed in 1908., 1911. and they stopped existing during the WWI. Then finnaly in 1919. one small working class club HŠK Zagreb (Croatian sport club Zagreb) was here, which played close to the todays Zagreb stadium, and who played lower Zagreb leagues until 1941. when it was closed by Ustaša regime. It was finnaly established in 1946. as FC Zagreb, and as a resolt of coalition of few smaller clubs and FC Concordia, bigger club who played in old Yugoslavia, and Ustaša regime during WWII.